Frequently asked questions

Who is building this project?

My name is Brian Hunt. I'm a native Nevadan and my wife and I are orginially from Tahoe. We have lived in Reno for 10 years. We have three young kids and a passion for our region, community, and neighborhood. I'm a local contractor and I have started a company called Perennial Places. Our mission is to build places which compliment people doing handmade, edible, and local business. Siliverland is our flagship project.

Where is Silverland?

Silverland is 6+ acres of flat and sunny farm land currently being used to graze cows and sheep. Our land is contiguous with several hundred acres of public grazing land abutting Washoe Lake. It is located a 2 minute drive from the freeway and approximately 20 minutes from downtown Carson City and Reno. Other regional ammenities include: Lake Tahoe, Mount Rose Ski Resort, Virginia City, Bower's Mansion, Tamarack Peak Backcountry Skiing...all within a 1 hour drive or less. In order to respect our neighbors, we are keeping the address off of the web for now. If you would like precise directions, send us an email:

Is this a homestead or an intentional community?

Nope. Silverland is a traditional development, with intense focus on balancing sociability with privacy. Think of it as a very small neighborhood of clustered houses, workshops, and gardens. Every person deserves their own place, privacy, and also the wonderful opportunity to form warm relationships with their neighbors and share their passions, talents, and skills. We believe there is incredible opportunity for farm-scale live-work communities to fit into rural areas. Villages, hamlets, and clusters of farm houses are a proven living arrangement - just ask your grandparents.

Will I own or rent my home there?

Various ownership and rental options will be available. Initially Silverland will operate with custom leases for each community member, that reflect their intended use of the property. (For example, 1 acre of land and a small cottage rented to a market gardner or a workshop space and a room rental for a craftsperson). Our hope is that, as Silverland develops incrementally, the people who wish to own their slice of the project will emerge and can assume owernship. The neighborhood will consist of 4 parcels, so there is the ability cultivate different themes and methodologies on each site. Furthermore, Silverland is sandwiched between hundreds of acres of public land on one side, and small, moderately priced ranchettes on the other. Stand-alone homes are available for sale within walking distance of the site.

Is on-site child care available?

Yes. We plan to have at least one small family daycare operator on-site. This operator will be doing a high-end daycare that incorporates craft, nature, and gardening education into the curriculum. This daycare will be licensed by Washoe County to provide child-care to young children of residents of Silverland and the surrounding community.

What is "farm-scale live-work"?

If it is handmade, edible, or local there is a good chance you can practice your craft and live at Silverland. The rise of local foods, artisan goods, and online shops offer huge opportunities for home based businesses. A "cottage industry" is one which thrives at home - naturally. Market gardeners shouldn't be driving an hour into the countryside to grow those local carrots - they should live on their own farm. A creative mom with a hot Etsy store can run a thriving business from a small workshop - all after the kids are in bed. A master leatherworker shouldn't be isolated in a cold grage - they should be working at window where neighbors can admire their craft. Farm-scale live-work is a fun and flexible way to integrate your home and your business.